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Sickness prevention, early detection and attention

Sickness prevention, early detection and attention

One thing I learned these past few days is that we cannot always prevent sickness to happen.  Even though we try as much not to open ourselves to sickness these will come.  The keywords here should always be “early detection and attention”.

A week ago, I suddenly felt ill and for seemingly no reason at all.  At first it was the fever, then the chills eventually my bowel movement was affected.   To counter the fever, though in the first night in my mind I was thinking I got hit by Covid-19, my natural instinct was to drink “Phenylephrine HCl Chlorphenamine Maleate Paracetamol” every 4 hours.

This worked and lowered my fever from 38.8 to 37.1 eventually to 36.3.  This did not come easy as I had to go to the toilet every 1 hour to 1 & 1/2 hours.  At this time I was evaluating my other symptoms against known Covid-19 symptoms.  I did not loss my taste nor smell.  What I did loose was my appetite. Fever had dissipated the only thing. I did not have cough though I had tiredness usually accompanying fever and sickness.  I also did not experience difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure.  The only thing I had left from the third day onwards was the diarrhoea.

To dispel any fears of Covid-19 I took my friends offer to talk/tele-consult with his son on the second day, the new doctor of the family.  I told what I had and what I did not have. To which his diagnosis was that I ate something that my body disagreed with.

Whew, and thank God.  So again Sickness prevention, early detection and attention is key with age.  Our bodies may be slow to react to certain sicknesses so early detection and attention is better.  So sickness will better be battled and managed.

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