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Senior Citizen Privileges FAQ

FAQ on the Privileges of a Senior Citizen in the Philippines

The Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 (Republic Act 9994) defines the privileges all senior citizens are entitled to. Elderly Filipinos aged 60 and above are entitled to a 20% senior citizen discount and exempted from the value-added tax (VAT) on applicable goods and services for their exclusive use.  Below are Senior Citizen Privileges FAQ.

These privileges apply to both cash and credit card payments.

Senior Citizen Privileges Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I still get the 20% discount if I do not have my senior citizen ID card?

Yes, you can. You may use any of the following forms of identification in its place if you don’t have a senior citizen card: passport, a government-issued ID that states your age or date of birth, such as a driver’s license, voter’s ID, SSS/GSIS ID, PRC Card, or Postal ID, or any other legal records proving you are a citizen of the Philippines and at least sixty (60) years old.

2. Can a non-senior citizen companion make a purchase or use a discount on the senior’s behalf?

You may apply for the senior citizen discount on your parents’ or grandparents’ behalf if they will be the ones using the discounted goods and services, such as if they are bedridden or too weak to buy their food and medication.

A duly authorized representative must show these documents while purchasing in order to receive the 20% discount on behalf of a senior citizen:

  • OSCA Purchase Booklet

  • Senior citizen ID or any government ID

  • Signed authorization letter from the senior citizen

  • The representative’s government ID

3. Can seniors receive a regular discount in addition to the 20% mandated by the government?

According to the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010, seniors can only receive one of the two discounts, whichever is greater, when they make a purchase during a promotion. The same for senior PWDs. They can only receive one of the discounts—the senior citizen or the PWD—and not both.

4. How do senior citizens get a discount on utility bills?

Present the utility bill in your elder’s name, the senior citizen ID, and any other forms of address verification when paying your bills at the closest payment center.

5. How can I get a discount on a taxi ride?

Seniors must provide a valid government-issued ID with a birthday or a senior citizen ID (birthdate must be visible) in order to receive this senior citizen discount.

6. How do senior citizens get a discount on utility domestic flights?

Only standard domestic flight fares qualify for the discount. Promotional rates, baggage fees, and overseas flights are not included. Customers must submit their senior citizen ID number when purchasing a flight and show the ID at check-in at the airport to qualify for the discount.

7. How do senior citizens get a discount on restaurants?

Present your senior citizen ID when placing an order or paying your bill in-store to receive this discount. When ordering meals online, simply include the senior’s name and senior citizen number and then show the ID when the food is delivered.

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