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7 Incredible Things That Happen To Your Body When You Give Up Sugar

1. You’ll Crave Sugar Less

Just like alcohol, sugar has a way of making you crave it even more.

Most of the time, whenever we’re craving a dessert of a sweet drink, we’re actually doing so because we’re used to getting dessert after a heavy meal.

To get rid of this craving, drink plenty of water!

2. You’ll Feel More Energised

We all know how eating too much sugar can lead to a “sugar rush” and we’re also all too familiar with how the “sugar rush” leads to a crash in your energy cycle and you’ll feel even more tired.

3. You’ll Have Lesser Mood Swings

Once your blood sugar levels have stabilized, you’ll have fewer cravings and in turn, not feel as moody.

4. Your Skin Will Feel More Supple

Sugar is well-known for breaking down the collagen on our faces.

The lack of collagen in turn, causes your skin to sallow out and lose its supple feeling.

5. You’ll Lose Weight Faster

It’s a known fact that sugar converts itself into fat when it’s not been used up. So, eating less sugar ultimately helps you lose weight a lot faster too.

6. You’ll Find It Easier to Lose Weight

The hormone responsible for storing and keeping fat is called Insulin. Insulin tends to come out more when you’ve eaten a lot of sugar.

When there’s a high level of insulin circulating around your body, you’ll find it difficult to lose weight.

7. Your Taste Palate Will Change

If you’ve been off sugar for a while, you’ll notice that foods that used to taste “normal” to you will start to taste too sweet and in turn, you’ll crave them less.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women’s Weekly.

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